FRIDAY, 21.09.2018


10.00 – Opening



Transnational Trajectories of Dance Modernism

Susan Manning – Toward a Transnational History of Modern Dance

Hanna Raszewska-Kursa – The 1st International Competition of Artistic Dance in the press (announcements, reports, summaries). Consequesces of naming

Q&A session



Rewriting German Dance Modernism

Marion Kant – Flexible and Inflexible Histories. An Examination of Some of the Early 20th Century Categories of Modern Dance

Susanne Franco – Ausdruckstanz Facing History. Reenacting the Past

Q&A session


13:45-14.30 – lunch break



Central European Dance Modernism?

Rok Vevar – Devil in the Village: The Modern Dance in Ljubljana Between the Wars

Jitka Pavlisova – Czech Dance Avant-garde in the Context of Dance (R)evolution at the Beginning of the 20th Century

Andreja Jeličić, The Burden of Berlin Gold – Reclaiming Croatian Dance History Between the Wars



Exoticism, History, Body

Matthew S. Cohen – Exoticism, Itinerancy and Self Fashioning in the Making of European Modern Dance

Hana Umeda – History Embodied — Reconstructing Sada Yacco’s Dance

Q&A session


SATURDAY, 22.09.2018



Modernist Gestures

Lucia Ruprecht – Re-writing Dance Modernism from the Perspective of Gesture

Q&A session



Towards Transnational Approach to Indian Dance

Ann David – Transcultural Migrations: Indian Dancer Ram Gopal and European Modernist Dance

Aleksandra Chmiel – Navarasa: Analytical Tool from Sanskrit Aesthetics in a Trans-national Dance

Q&A session



Jewish & Israeli Roads to Dance Modernity

Roy Waks – Modern Dance Practices in Early Zionist Folk Dance: Leah Bergstein’s Choreography for the Kibbutz Settlers in Palestine/Israel

Agata Chałupnik – Jewish Tango and the Question of Identity

Q&A session


14:30-15:15 – lunch break


15:15 – 16:45

Teaching and Learning Across Borders

Małgorzata Leyko – Transcultural Cross-over: Polish Dance (1918-1939)

Claudia Fleischle-Braun – Meeting Places and Transnational Lineages of Aesthetic Practices and Teaching Methods of Free Dance & Modern Expressive Dance in Europe

Q&A session



Identities and contexts

Anita Makuszewska – The Art of Choreography: Ailey and Grigorovich, the Influence of Slavery and Totalitarian Regime on Ballet Theatre

Iwona Wojnicka – Meaning and Context of Modernism in the Works of Pola Nireńska

Jadwiga Majewska – Female Solo – Subjectivity, Identity, Consciousness, Independence

Q&A session